Thursday, February 11

You Gotta Be Kiddin Me

I'll admit it, I really thought I was going to escape this illness unscathed. No I mean, I really, really thought I would. Naive? Just plain dumb? Optimistic? Yeah, yeah and whatever.

It started yesterday, just as Bryce and Caleb both proved to really be on the mend. A scratchy throat, a body ache and a general feeling of apathy.

Now it's been quite awhile since I've been sick and I credit it to two things: I finally had my tonsils taken out a couple of years ago and should I feel a sickness coming on I take vitamin C like it's going out of style, drink lots of fluids, stay warm and go to bed early. It's like magic I tell ya.

Unless of course you happen to have a baby at home that doesn't sleep through the night. And is still a little grumpy and overly needy due to his still getting over the very same sickness which threatens to ruin your Valentine's Day.

Oy, Valentine's Day. Did I forget to mention we have our first romantic anything since Bryce was born (8 months ago) planned for Saturday night? Yep. Movie tickets bought. Dinner reservations made. Hotel reservations made. Grandma baby sitter booked.

And all I can think of is sleeping through the night.

Sad, I know.

Despite all of my complaining I really am looking forward to it. And I'll be damned if I'm going to let this little bug keep me down for long!


  1. My parents swear by a product called Silver Shield. As soon as they start feeling sick they take some and in a couple of days they are well again :) Or not sick at all! Have a great time this weekend!


  2. Hey girl glad to hear the boys are doing better. Sorry you are sick but I am right there with you. I am in the hospital with right? Earlier you were explaining to everyone about the x-ray holder for Bryce. It is the funniest thing to see but scares the crud out of you. I had to put Blake in one at the ER last year. I took a pic of it with my phone bc of how weird it looked but man was it scary looking and painful looking at the same time.
    Glad to see you guys are doing March of Dimes. I didn't know what is was either until Blake was born. You won't believe it but last year the march here in Houston fell on the day of his 1st Birthday. I cried like a baby when we passed under the staring line with all of our balloons and team members. They announced his birthday and we all just broke down. I am such a cry baby. It is the day before his 2nd birthday this year. It is crazy to now think that something you knew so little about can be the biggest thing that you support and raise money for now. I am so glad that Bryce is thriving and doing well. This year will go by fast so take in each moment and love every minute of it! Before long he will be saying Mama and Dada and making you laugh like crazy. Take care and talk to you soon
    Love, Janna, Robert & Blake Pokluda


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