Monday, February 8

Preliminary Results

The preliminary results from the spinal tap show that Bryce has almost no white blood cells in his spinal fluid, this means that an infection is unlikely. This is wonderful news because that would have been about the worst thing I could imagine at this point.

The cultures will take 48 hours to grow, or hopefully not grow, anything. They took a stool, urine, blood and spinal fluid sample to rule out infection pretty much anywhere in the body.

His lungs this morning sound much more junky all over which leads the docs to think he has developed bronchiolitis from the virus he's been fighting. Apparently this is quite common at this time of the year, even in kids who don't have such poor lung tissue.

He also did eat a little last night and was awake more than all of yesterday combined. He's hacking up a lot of stuff this morning which makes him very angry and usually leads to a bit of a desat but otherwise I'm optimistic that he may be turning a corner.

We're keeping our fingers crossed.


  1. I've been thinking about y'all since I read that little Bryce was sick. My prayers are with y'all for continued strength, health, as well as, positive corner turning.

  2. Hang in there Bryce! You've proven time and time again that you can overcome just about anything. I'm gong to start calling you The Little Boy That Could! We love you!

    The Dieringer's


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