Monday, January 4

Better Late Than Never

After I took all of the ornaments off of our Christmas tree this past weekend I realized that we didn't have any pictures of Bryce in his myriad of Christmas outfits or in front of the tree. So we played dress up this afternoon for as long as he would stand it and captured these wonderful pictures.

Although sleep has been a challenge the last couple of nights, Bryce is making strides in other areas. He's holding his head up from his belly quite well, he's smiling more and more, constantly riding his invisible bicycle, making tiny little baby sounds and tonight for the first time he tried to reach for a toy. He never fails to amaze us, our miracle boy.


  1. He's a cute little candy cane!

  2. Bryce, You are a cute little feller.I could just hug you to pieces if I lived close to you. I am loving the way you are getting ready to charm all the girls when you get a little older.That smile will melt even the coldest hearts.You never fail to make my day brighter when I visit your blog.I love you little man.God bless.

  3. LOVE the pics!!! He is getting to be such a big boy!!! Kris and I need to find a kid-free moment to come visit you guys!


  4. He looks so awesome!! I found this blog fairly soon after it was started, It is so lovely to see how far he has come. What are his stats now? how much does he weigh!


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