Tuesday, December 22

Big Day Tomorrow

Friday night Bryce did an overnight pulse ox test to see how well he saturated his blood with oxygen on the 1/8th of a liter he is currently on as well as on no extra oxygen. It's hard to be sure how he did since it was overnight but every time I looked he seemed to be satting the same regardless of whether or not he was on the oxygen.

Well tomorrow we find out if he did well enough to come off of the oxygen. We sure do hope that he did. It feels like we're on a leash with him all of the time and the concentrator is very loud. We are careful not to complain too much because we realize how blessed we are to have brought such a healthy and happy baby home with us, especially considering his entrance into the world. But we can't help but hope to be rid of the minute oxygen he's on and have a free roaming baby!

Also tomorrow we begin physical therapy. Because Bryce's brain bleeds and need for steroids in the past make him more likely to develop Cerebral Palsy it is best for him to begin physical therapy as soon as possible. And so we shall, tomorrow.

I'm very excited to see if a professional will have any better luck at tummy time than I have had. We'll see.

I'll be sure to let you all know as soon as I do tomorrow so keep a look out and thanks for continuing to check in on us!

Much love!


  1. Good luck Bryce. I am praying that you get off oxygen. I hope you like physical therapy. I go three times a week, and I think it is fun.
    Have a great Christmas.

    Aunt Gene

  2. Oh I know it feels to have a little one with needs. Our son had to be hooked up to an apeana monitor for 6 Months and we had to carry O2 with us at all times for his first 12 Months. Our son wasn't nearly as early only 5.5 wks.
    You all our in our prayers that the little prince can come off the O2 soon.


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