Wednesday, August 26

VP Shunt Recovery

Bryce's VP shunt surgery was yesterday. The surgery itself was excruciating - for me. It took much, much longer than all of the other surgeries as they had to remove the two existing subgaleal shunts and then place the new ventriculoperitoneal (VP) shunt. The new shunt has a line that runs just under Bryce's skin all the way down to his belly where it will divert the excess cerebral spinal fluid not being reabsorbed in his ventricles, where it does on you and I.

Here is a great article, with illustrations, explaining VP shunts.

The surgeon said that everything went really well and they didn't have any problems during the procedure. Of course, that is only half the battle. The other half is hoping he doesn't get any sort of an infection from the shunt, which could be very bad, very quickly.

Dr. Lee, the neurosurgeon, said that usually infection will become evident within in the first couple of weeks and the threat of infection is almost none after six weeks. So, we'll be watching Bryce closely for higher oxygen needs, fever, lethargy, etc. Please keep baby Bryce in your thoughts and prayers. He has been through so much already, I can't stand the thought of him getting an infection after all of this.

Sometime in the near future Bryce will also have his first CAT scan. The docs will be looking at the placement of the shunt in his brain. Dr. Lee hopes that he was able to shunt both ventricles but apparently won't know for sure exactly where it is placed until they can see a CAT scan. I am, of course, weary of the procedure but also anxious to see the results. There is a possibility that the shunt is in only one of Bryce's ventricles and that the other will continue to swell as they both have in the past. If this is the case then we'll likely have to go back through this in the next couple of weeks for a bilateral VP shunt. Please God, no.

I am putting my best foot forward, trying with all of my might to be strong and positive for my sweet baby boy. But it's been a real challenge over the last 24 hours. I won't lie, or as Jason might say, I won't sugar coat the truth - I am having a hard time with all of this. I just have this awful feeling in the pit of my stomach that I can't shake. I want so badly for all of this to go well, for Bryce to come through this stronger and healthier, ready to take on the next challenge. Maybe wanting that so badly has me scared to be optimistic?


  1. Dr. Mike SlaughterWed Aug 26, 11:19:00 AM

    I love you guys. My prayers a with you!

    The Slaughter's

  2. Thank you for attaching the article. It was very informative.

    I hate that you are having to go through this pain. The fact Bryce has been so strong and stable in the past month is in his favor for this surgery. The VP shunt is a big deal, but your baby boy has proven over and over that he is bigger and stronger than the challenges life has thrown at him. We will be praying that Dr. Lee was able to place the shunt correctly and that Bryce (and you) never has to make that trip to the OR again!


  3. I can't even imagine, but please know I am constantly thinking about you and praying for all of you!!

  4. Hey there,

    Mary's right, Bryce is strong and has proven that time and time again. We will continue to pray for Bryce, for your strength, for the Doctor's wisdom and for healing for all of you.

    Hugs and Prayers,

  5. I'm glad thats over and we will pray that Bryce (and you two) won't have to ever go through it again. Rest up little Bryce, I know its a long battle, but I know you will continue to be victorious!!

  6. Trina, Bryce, & Caleb!
    I love you all dearly, I know that God has blesses Bryce with an amazing life & family! If he could have been brought to any parents, you two were the best bet. I pray for my sweet cousin Bryce-Bryce everyday. I hope this surgery only continues to make him healthy & there are no infections. We will be up to see you labor day weekend!! I can hardly wait!!! I think of all of you everyday : ) Everyone down here knows about Bryce, and our amazed and happy everytime I bring up his good news!!
    Love your ALMOST sister,

  7. I'm glad that Bryce is doing well after his surgery. I will say extra prayers tonight for you all. And for you especially that you find peace and that bad feeling will go away.


  8. Trina and Caleb,

    I wish I could wish the pain away. I pray that you stay strong and positive. I know you will because Bryce is strong. He is so amazing-look how much he has grown. We will contiue to think of you daily and send our love your way. We are praying for all of you and hope to see you over Labor Day weekend.

    Gene,Lolo and Timothy

  9. Do not let fear steal your joy and hope for Bryce. Jesus said,"Let the little children come to me. Jesus has precious Bryce in the palm of his hand and loves him more than we can imagine.

  10. I wish I could do or say something to make all of your pain go away. All 3 of you have been so inspirational to so many people. I know it's hard but you have to continue to be strong. You guys have come so far. We love you guys and you continue to be in our prayers.


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