Friday, August 28

Exciting Times

Bryce's recovery from surgery continues to progress slowly but steadily. My hopefulness increases as each day passes and I see him acting a little more like himself. He's still pretty out of it from the pain medication, morphine tends to have that effect on people. And he's still pretty twitchy/quivery which of course worries me but doctor after doctor after nurse practioner has assured me that they aren't concerned by it. I still am anyway, but c'est la vie.

I was able to hold him for a couple of hours last night and he rested comfortably and peacefully the entire time. If I could just hold him all of the time I think we'd both be all the better for it.

He was pretty restless after we put him back and continued to flail this morning but we finally got him on his belly this afternoon and he is totally conked out now. I think he just exhausted himself.

Neurology came by late yesterday afternoon and again this morning. They are very happy with the shunt's placement and are sure it is working well. Additionally, they are very pleased with his incision sites and overall recovery. It's always nice to hear such positiveness from that bunch.

This morning during rounds everyone else also seemed very pleased with Bryce's recovery so far. He's back up to full feeds now and talk of extubation has resumed. Dr. Hodges even asked me what I thought of extubating Bryce! I was rather shocked and said honestly that I felt he wasn't ready. I think my point about his riding the vent while on the morphine was well taken and we all came to a mutual agreement that one more day of recovery certainly can't hurt.

That means tomorrow could very well be extubation attempt number three. I so hope he can do it this time around! If we can get him extubated and on CPAP then they'll start getting him to try "nippling" his feeds - taking some from a bottle. If he can get the whole suck, swallow, breath repetition down consistently than there is a good chance I may eventually be able to breast feed him. It's a long shot but I know it would be so rewarding for us both.

Well, I'll be sure to keep everyone up to date as CPAP is tried again in the next few days. Thanks for all of your encouragement over these last few hard days. We'd had so many good ones I think we forgot how bad they can be. Here's to many more good ones!


  1. I am sooo excited to hear the good news!! I have been checking your blog every hour! Bryce sounds like he is keeping true to his Rockstar status. They always say "third times a charm". I hope that is the case for Bryce. The day you can look down on Bryce as you feed him from your own body will be one of those truly amazing days you will never forget! I can almost hear our little babes running around the backyard playfully shrieking as we sip our drinks in the shade! Please tell Bryce we say hello and congrats on the progress so far. I'll be sure to tell Adalyn how her boyfriend is doing :)

    Love you all,
    Mary, Jeff and Adalyn

  2. That is such great news. I am so happy for you all. Third time truly can be a charm. I'll send good thoughts and prayers your way.


  3. So great to hear some good news!! Y'all are constantly in my thoughts & prayers!!

  4. Dear Mommy & Daddy,

    THis is just a reminder that I love you both very much. I'm still fighting hard.



  5. So glad to hear! Still praying for you guys and thinking about you!

    The McClelland Family

  6. What wonderful news! The amazing power of prayer and God's answers. I will keep y'all in my thoughts today. I hope Bryce is a rockstar on the CPAP!


  7. I can't wait to hear how Bryce is doing today! As always, we are keeping all three of you in our thoughts and prayers. I will stop by sometime this weekend.

    I changed my ISP, so I am hoping I will not have any more problems posting my comments.

    Aunt Pat

  8. Bryce,

    We are thinking of you and praying that you continues to recover. We hope to see you all soon. We send our love. You are a super baby and we are amazed by how strong you are.

    Aunt Gene Uncle Lolo Andrea and Timothy

  9. Go "Bryce Tyson!"
    I love you all. Glad things are going well, cannot wait to see you guys!!!
    God is love, and love is real!!!


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