Tuesday, August 18

A New Friend is Born

My precious baby boy is growing up so fast! He's now officially 4 lbs and 3.5 oz!! I held him in my arms this morning and he looks just like a regular new born now, well only a bit smaller.

No new changes today, except that Bryce no longer has any IVs, PIC lines or ART lines. He is wire free - now if we could just get that tube out of his mouth we'd be making some serious progress. All in due time.

I was blessed enough to witness another birth today, too! One of my oldest and dearest friends, Jennifer, had her own baby boy today. Cayd was born at 1:40 p.m. weighing in at a whopping 6 lbs 14 oz and was 20 inches long. When I saw Cayd all I could think was what a miracle child birth is...well that and, holy cow that baby is HUGE! Of course, he is just right. Just a bit bigger than our precious boy.

Watch out Cayd - Bryce is working on growing big and strong so you guys can keep your moms on their toes together someday. Just like we used to our own parents!


  1. yay for being wire free! you can snuggle him that much closer now!! It made the biggest difference I thought to not have to worry about pulling that out. Good job on the weight gain too Bryce!

  2. woo hoo for no wires. congrats to your friend

  3. It's amazing to here how fast he is growing now. What a blessing for you and Caleb to watch him grow as you have.
    Give Jen a big hug for me next time you see her. It's so cool that your babies are so close in age and will be able to grow up together like ya'll did.


  4. YAY, Wire free! That's great news. He's going to be 10lbs before you know it :o)


  5. how awesome!! can't wait to see these two together!!

    all my love,


  6. That is too cool for you and your friend. It is so funny when you go to take Bryce home you will think he is the hugest baby ever but by then he will be normal newborn weight. You will be out in public or at the peds office months later and see a newborn weighing 6 lbs and think holy crap I can't remember him being that small. It's crazy but it is so true! Congrats to your friend and so glad to see Mr. Bryce doing well.

  7. Trina,

    I could not believe how much Bryce weighs now. Great job Bryce. Timmy is so excited that pretty soon he can play with you. Tell Jennifer congratulations on her new baby. We miss all of you and hope to see you soon. We love you all.

    Aunt Gene, Uncle Lolo, Andrea and Timothy

  8. Daddy,

    I am so glad we had some son and dad bonding time!!! Time is going by so fast as I grow bigger and stronger. Before you know it I will be out in the garage with you toddling around, getting in your tools and imitating you working on you car. I will be in my car seat riding to the races with you. That will be so much fun don't you think. I love you very much.

    Your son,


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