Sunday, August 16

Big Boy Bed

Yep - Bryce is no longer an incubator baby! Okay, okay so they don't actually call them incubators anymore. The PC term is "isolette." Same difference and no matter anyway because Bryce is in a crib now!

He is so stinking cute in it too, if I do say so myself. It's the most wonderful thing in the world to be able to walk right up to him, rest my head on the edge of his crib and just watch him sleep. Or talk to him and know that he's hearing me loud and clear.

I loved having visitors yesterday and watching them all stand around him and coo over him. I think he liked it too.

Abuelita and G2 stayed with him most of the day yesterday so we could enjoy our weekly hiatus home. But then Jeff and Mary brought by Bryce's girlfriend, Adalyn, for a visit. Of course, Adalyn had to stay out in the waiting room with uncle Caleb and Jeff was more than a little concerned about this but they both did great! And we were thrilled to see a cute little baby we could hold and pass around. I can't wait until that day with Bryce.


  1. How exciting and comforting to have him so much closer to you! we are on our way back from Ohio and am hoping to get to bring by a small gift for Bryce we picked up a few weeks ago. Thanks for the update! Love and Hugs. We will continue our prayers.
    Shannon & family

  2. So awesome! Way to go Bryce!

  3. Look how far he has come!!! He is SO STINKING cute in that bed, I TOTALLY AGREE!! Gushing over here, just gushing!

  4. How exciting! One step closer to home before Christmas, maybe even before Thanksgiving!!


  5. YAY I'm so proud of him! I can't wait to see him.

  6. He is getting so big! I love his chubby little cheeks. He is so precious in his big boy bed. That is a huge step! I remember walking in to see Noah in his open air crib. I know it must be such a joy to be able to just touch his little hands and talk to him without those "walls" between you. I'm glad he continues to be such a little trooper! My prayers continue daily for you and baby Bryce.


  7. This is such great news! What a handsome little man you have on your hands! I'm so happy that he's moved on to a big boy crib, God is Good!

    So happy for you all,
    Weslea and Brian

  8. ENJOY the crib. It is such an awesome feelig to know that you can walk right in and just scoop him up now with out having to move around windows, make sure you don't hit anything when pulling him out and so on. It is such a giant great step to be moved into an open crib...that means he is holding his temp! Way to go Bryce. We will continue to pray he gets onto CPAP soon. Toys R Us has the best mobile for preemies and since he is now in a crib you can use one. It's made by Tiny Love and is the Symphony in-motion style. The sound is soothing and wonderful, not annoying like many of the other ones. The colors are black and white swirls for babies attention as well as bright colorful patterns. So they get a little of both. Since all he can see first is black and white it works out great. Anyway thought that might help. A friend of mine got the same one for her preemie and loved it as well. Hope you have a great week and give him lots of hugs from Houston.
    Pokluda Family

  9. Praise God! He hears our prayers. Keep it up Bryce baby. You are doing so good. Mom and dad you are doing great too, hanging in there is hard. Been there a year ago, but God has his ways.

  10. Good job on maintaining your temperature baby Bryce!! Jack had that same shirt, I love the little blue and brown outfits. :) And his hat looks so soft and warm. We pray for you every day.

  11. That is SO AMAZING!!! How wonderful!

  12. Hey kids,sometimes when I see the power of prayers it overwhelms me.I never have doubts about what God can do but, when you can see his work in action it kinda takes your breath away and brings tears to you eyes.When I look back at Bryce's story and look at his pictures.It's like watching a mircle before your eyes.God is in control.I am so happy for your little family.My heart sings when I look at the littlest angel lying in his big boy bed.He looks so peaceful and content.Granny Norma sent me a picture of his first toy,his mobile. I can tell it won't be long til he will be ready for his first batch of cookies.(smile)Let me tell you I will be so happy to make such a fine little boy a batch all for him.I'm praying for a first Christmas at home if not before.That will be the best present ever.I'm praying that a new day is dawning for the little Moline family.Give the baby a hug for me.My prayers will continue ...
    God bless.
    Granny Spriggs

  13. Mommy & Daddy,

    I felt so big in my isolett but with all this room in this crib I feel small, but I know I am still a big boy!!!! I love you both very much. One day I will be in my own bed in my home with both of you.



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