Thursday, July 16

Room Air!

Bryce is on 21% oxygen - aka room air! Still on the conventional ventilator and tolerating it all really well, too.

So we'll probably take him home tomorrow.

A girl can dream, right?!

We have so far to go still and we could take one of those NICU back steps at any time now. But I feel great about where we are and how Bryce is doing.

They've left the amount of food Bryce gets at each feeding the same (4cc) but are increasing feeds to every 4 hours from 6. Hopefully he'll continue to do well with his respiratory issues so we can continue to make baby steps with his feeds. If we can get some nutrition in him I feel confident he'll really starting make some progress.

More coming soon - thanks for checking in with us!


  1. THIS IS THE GREATEST POST YET! I'm ecstatic for you guys!

    Tell sweet Bryce how very proud I am of him. Blow him kisses for me.



  2. I'm not gonna lie, when I read, "we take him home tomorrow" I was like...WHAT!?! LOL...cute Trina. :o) So glad that Bryce is doing so well. He's blessed to have such wonderful parents. Good job, you should be really proud of him - and proud of both you and Caleb as well!

    Hugs and Prayers,

  3. WOW, great news!! Thanks for the updates!

  4. That's awesome! Once he gets on CPap and every time the settings lower your heart will jump and feel so wonderful bc it is one step closer to really taking him home. On your twitter with the diaper change, every time Blake was wet or dirty he desatted so the nruses would crank him when it was a nurse that didn't know him. We had to explain to them that dirty diapers really upset him enough for him to desat and to check his diaper before they cranked the O2. Glad he is doing so much better
    Janna Pokluda

  5. That's wonderful!! I remember when our boy hit 21%! How great! I'm glad he is doing well with the conventional vent and the feeds. When they started letting our little guy eat it made a big difference.

    I'm so happy to read this great update!


  6. As you know my three angels, I am not too internet swavy, but here goes another try at posting. I am just so excited, I can hardly stay here in Lousisana, but I look at the blog several times a day and gaze at the pictures. We may have to get Skipe???? (that;s what someone told me) Anyway I love all three of you and pray constantly for my precious Molines. My heart is there with you, and I love you. Mom

  7. You had me for a second!! Cute! I am really happy to hear the new ET tube is working so well for Bryce. And how awesome that his feeds are being bumped up some. I agree that some nurishment may take your little one soaring to new heights. I'm so happy to hear the excitement in your words! We send our love and prayers to Dell everyday for you guys. Keep up the good work Bryce!!


  8. Woohoo!!!! 21% is just awesome! Go Bryce!!! I hope he is over his largest hurdles and just continues to grow stronger and healthier every day.


  9. God Bless This Baby


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