Sunday, August 4

Week 3, Part 1

Week 3 started out great. We met up with another family Tuesday evening in Rockford for some live blues music and a stroll by the river. The weather was beautiful, the company great and the boys love live music of all kinds. 

Unfortunately, on Bryce's walk back into the hotel that evening he let the front left wheel of his walker fall off the edge of the curb and he broke his fall with his chin. Since he split it open 6 months ago it's a weak spot and split right back open. Luckily, one of the hotel employees helped me get the boys and all of our stuff back to the room. I had to carry a bleeding Bryce and otherwise would have just left everything but Gage on the curb out front. 

We ran into the grandmother of another CLC kiddo at the elevator and she walked into our room minutes later offering her help. I quickly put Gage to bed and she sat with him so I didn't have to drag both boys to the ER in the middle of the night. Thank God! And did I mention a few hundred times that the people here are SO nice!?!

Helen DeVoss Children's hospital made it an easy task - I mean free valet at the ER entrance, Cars on demand on the tv, they played Jack Johnson for him during the stitches, pre-numbed his chin (awesome!), gave him a truck and a slushie! And we were immediately triaged and sent to a room for registration. Dell is nice but this hospital has the kids ER thing down to an exact science. 

We went from above to below in about an hour!

The in between was gruesome and difficult but three of the four stitches came out Tuesday (who knows what happened to the other stitch) and healing is coming along nicely. 

Camp was good, no new exciting news just lots more hard work for Bryce. We were so excited though to pick up Poppa and G2 on Friday after camp for a short visit!

We spent the weekend with them in the Traverse City area north of Grand Rapids which was a nice escape that would have been even better if it hadn't been freezing (disclaimer: my idea of freezing might differ slightly from that commonly recognized by the scientific community) and raining the whole weekend. But we still saw some great stuff, my favorite of which was the Sleeping Bear Dunes (450' dunes!):

We also ate some really yummy Cajun (no, really!) food in Elk Rapids and visited a park on the beach despite the weather. 

And visited the lighthouse, which was literally just a house with a light:

More soon...


  1. Hi Katrina,

    I nominated you for the Liebster Award! Read here for more details:

  2. Bryce and I are going to have matching scars, maybe. I've split my chin just the same way - stitches and all!

    1. Christa - did you do it when you were a child as well? I've heard that from several people. I'm hoping some day Bryce's is covered by a rugged, manly, lumber jack kind of beard (here's to hoping!) and yours isn't! ;-)


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