Monday, July 29


I owe you all a three week wrap up but I couldn't help but post this right now. 

Today after we picked Bryce up from camp we (my dad and Sharon are here visiting us - Hallelujah!!) took him and Gage to the play area at the mall just up the road. We've been a few times before because they really like it and it's convenient, free and safe. Oh and it's all breakfast themed, which I think is really cute. 

Today was special though because as my dad and I were watching Bryce watch another mom try to get her baby to walk we witnessed Bryce take 4 very deliberate, completely independent and controlled steps. 

He was standing leaning against the giant waffle, stood up and walked four steps before sitting down. And absolutely refusing to show the least interest in repeating it for me to video or G2 to photograph. 

It was amazing and I'm so glad my dad was standing there next to me to see it!  

We ended this awesome day with a world class sunset that pretty much sums up the way I feel about my little trooper, this amazing place and finally getting some much missed time with family!


  1. Way to go, Bryce! How exciting! We sure do miss you guys. Every couple of days, Garren asks when y'all will be home...and Mia answers before I have a chance. :-) Love you guys!
    The Montoya Family

  2. Great job, Bryce. We sure miss you all. Love and kisses.

    Aunt Gene

  3. That's so exciting! Can't wait to hear more. Miss y'all so much.
    Love, Aunt Christi

  4. WOW, that is just wonderful!!! bless his heart, I would love to see this. So glad Sharon and Doug are there to help you.
    Will be so glad when ya'll are home. love you so much

  5. That is so exciting! I wish he would have cooperated for a video, so we could all see him too. Way to go Bryce!


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