Tuesday, June 26

What's Been Going On

Where to start? It's been awhile since I've logged in to post an update, I know, I know. Life is hectic and only about to get even more so. Which honestly doesn't even feel possible most of the time.

Since I was last here I've continued to be pregnant! As a matter of fact, I'm 35 weeks today. Which is a huge milestone and relief for me. It means that the chances of the baby having to ever enter a NICU are greatly diminished. It also means that sooner rather than later, this baby is going to have to make an exit and I can't say I'm all to excited about that endeavor. At least the prize at the end is a good one.

I'll be starting back to weekly OB visits this week, in addition to my last two weekly nurse visits for my 17-P progesterone shots. And in addition to Bryce's 4+ hours of weekly therapy. And in addition to trying to take it easy, working as much as I can while I can and trying to get ready for another person to inhabit our home.

It feels like a mountain climb where I keep pushing and pushing but can't see much progress. It also feels like the lower half of my body belongs to someone else. My legs and hips ache constantly, sleeping is a long, lost memory and at least every other day ends with me shaking my head in shameful disbelief at the state of ridiculous fluid retention in my left foot.

But I'm not complaining.

Okay, I am and for that I sincerely apologize. As a preemie mom who never got the chance to experience these latter pregnancy woes with Bryce, I used to hate to hear women complain about being pregnant. I would wonder, aloud sometimes even, don't they know how much better being pregnant at this point is than the alternative. It's a slippery slope, y'all and I seem to be tumbling down faster than I care to acknowledge.

In Bryce news, things are moving along swimmingly. He has officially qualified for the full ELE program with Leander ISD. His ARD (admission, review and dismissal - for the program) went better than I could ever have hoped.

Although it's against my nature, I confirmed that sometimes you just have to keep asking. Ask again and again, ask in this way and that, maybe ask with a smile and then with a frown. Just don't stop asking until they get so tired of you asking that they bend over backwards to give you what you're asking for. Of course, having a very sweet, supremely cute and legitimately in-need little boy backing you up doesn't hurt.

What I'm saying is, they agreed to offer Bryce speech therapy through the ESY (extended school year - oh the acronyms!) program. This is pretty much unprecedented for a child who is not officially enrolled in the program before the end of the school year. And I do feel triumphant, I do. BUT, this speech therapy is also kind of a joke. It's 30 minutes per week for six out of seven of the summer weeks. They claim it's only a maintenance schedule meant to prevent regression and I say it's better than nothing. And not much different than the max services they offered to provide as part of the ELE program in the fall. Though at least there he also has the opportunity to learn from the other students and the added benefit of a degree holding, experienced, caring teacher who apparently has a great talent in working therapy into every part of their day's routine. Still, Bryce will continue outside therapy as much as is possible.

So, I think that about catches us up. On the horizon, the cerclage will be coming out soon. Maybe this Thursday but probably next Friday. I'm not much looking forward to that. It'll be an in-office procedure done by my OB and apparently there is a good chance I'll go into labor shortly thereafter. The doctor said that sometimes the procedure breaks your water and sometimes the cerclage is the only thing holding things together - figuratively and literally.

So I'm freaking out, trying to go around controlling things I can to make up for having no control over the things I yearn most to have control over. Being a control freak is a lot of work, people - I do not recommend it as a lifestyle choice. C'est la vie.

In an attempt to make up for some of my missed posts here are some pictures from the last month or so:

Here I am about a week ago - 34 weeks very pregnant. 

Here's Bryce hanging out at home a few weeks ago - he's a happy boy!

We took Bryce to the new Play for All Abilities Park in Round Rock and are so grateful to have this place near home.

Bryce was in the musical horses event at his hippo therapy RED Arena riding center RODEO some weeks ago.  He was the first out but the most handsome rider there.

Bryce turned 3!  My baby is now 3 and the party was a great success.  I was worried how much I could pull off being so pregnant and under restrictions but I think it turned out fabulously.  And even more importantly, I think Bryce had a great time.  He seemed to finally get that we were singing to him this year and it was the sweetest thing. 

My mom, step mom and cousin threw me a R.E.A.L. {surprise} baby shower a couple of weekends ago!  Here we all are after the party - it was a great afternoon!


  1. So good to see a post! I love reading your updates.

    Complain all you want about your pregnancy. You deserve it and have earned that right!

    What are you going to do with brycemoline.com when BOTW arrives? botwmoline.com?

  2. Congratulations on making it to 35 weeks! Yay for you and baby! I love hearing about Bryce and your process through the educational world. It sounds like you live in a great place with good resources. (and I am so jealous that you have one of those playgrounds near you!) :)

  3. I was hoping I'd see an update today. 35 weeks - that's just all kinds of awesome. I hope and pray you get to love on that baby in your room at the hospital and come home in two days. We will be praying for a safe cerclage removal, minimal pain, less water retention and lots of joy in your family. Thanks for the update!

  4. Katrina-
    I think of you guys daily...lotsa happy tears reading about this pregnancy & Bryce's progress!
    It's so awesome to see how well he's doing. Just wait until he gets into school-having peers to learn from (and to teach) is just wonderful motivation!

  5. Thank you so much for the update. You look beautiful pregnant, and I love every picture of Bryce. He is maturing so fast now, in his looks. So very handsome like his daddy. Praying constantly for all four of you.MIL

  6. Congratulations!! You look amazing fully pregnant and so good to hear things are going good with Bryce! Super happy for you and your family!!

  7. I think about you guys often! I have been out of work with Cam since last week, and I've missed seeing Bryce at school each day and checking in on you! It makes me over the top happy to see you so pregnant and I am so happy about Bryce's victory with the ELE decisions, your REAL baby shower!, and that you've made it this far!!!!
    You are such a rockstar mama for doing all that you do, your boys (all 3 of em) are so lucky to have you!

    Love you guys! Ms. Becky


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