Tuesday, December 13

Enough with the Assesments Already

We're running on assessment overload in the Moline abode these days. Bryce has endured three in the last 10 days and though he smiles and charms, I smile and grimmace.

I've just about had enough of people telling me how far behind he is. I know it's their job and I know it's for a greater purpose (setting goals, developing therapy plans, etc, etc) but enough is enough already.

Believe it or not, I didn't come here today to rant, rave or complain though. I came to update. I thought our sweet and supportive family and friends would want to know what's in the pipes.

Tomorrow morning we begin our endeavor to get Bryce into Leander I.S.D.'s Early Learning Environment. I think I've explained before that this is a school district program for children with disabilites. It should provide a classroom environment of children who are 50% disabled and 50% normally developing for up to 4 hours, 5 days a week. The idea is that the kids get their therapy there as well as an opportunity to learn from and be motivated by the other 50%.

So tomorrow we'll start what I imagine to be a fight. While I'm (too?) sure that Bryce will qualify for the program and find it likely that he'll qualify for their "full time" schedule, I'm anticipating a show down over what services he'll receive this coming summer. Since he'll turn 3 after the end of the school year and ECI will not be allowed to provide therapy services after his 3rd birthday.

I'll attend the information meeting tomorrow. Likely schedule his assesment for early 2012 and prepare myself for battle. Wish me luck because from what I understand, I'll need it.

Other than stressing about Bryce going two to three months without therapy, I'm stressing about an EEG tomorrow. I called Bryce's neuro last week after Dr. Fasci, the developmental pedi who specializes in neurology, saw him do his little spacing out number the previous Friday and suggested we let his neurologist know. They called back and said that they wanted to do an EEG before his next scheduled botox injections - which just so happen to be bright and early on Monday morn.

I'm feeling confident that the EEG will show no signs of seizure and that we're all just erring on the side of caution. But stressing, none the less.

So we'll do both tomorrow and hope that Botox goes as scheduled on Monday because we're seeing increasing signs of the last dose wearing off. Bryce is a little wobblier when sitting due to the increasing tightness in his legs and hips. And his right hand is staying more and more fisted, more of the time. It's so hard to see how frustrating this is for him. It was one thing to watch him struggle with "righty" before he ever had real use of it but a whole other thing now that he's had a couple of months of decent use.

I'll do my best to keep you all posted as we receive the results and as I know more about what to expect from the school district.

Until next time, thanks for checking in!

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  1. Argh! I hate that it is a fight instead of just an assumption that whatever is best is what will be done, because that's so not the case.

    Good luck with the EEGs. Get that lack of fun. Our older son has had two now and I'm pretty sure neither was necessary, but it's that erring on the side of caution I guess.

    It is nice when you have the doctors who seem to mention more of the things that they have made progress on. I know that medically they are more focused on what is coming, but the acknowledgement is just nice. I think Dr. Fasci does a decent job of this.


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