Thursday, September 23

Practice Cake Eating

Saturday is Bryce's due date/supposed to be first birthday so we're going to have a couple friends over to celebrate. I wanted to do a cake (low sugar, high fruit content of course) because he's a little more of a mature eater now then he was on his actual birthday. We had some left over cornbread from the chili we made this week so Bryce is practicing eat cake this morning with cornbread "iced" in organic banana raspberry oatmeal ;-)

As you can see he is taking this task very seriously...and making a serious mess too!

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  1. I think it's awesome you celebrate Bryce's birthday twice a year. I hope you have a wonderful celebration. I love the pic of Bryce up in the air. He looks so happy!

  2. I love it! I was thinking about doing a test cake eating run with Miss Audrey :o) He's precious, I hope I can see him again real soon. I absolutely adore the picture you have posted of him up in the air. It's priceless!



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