Monday, September 20

Colorado Vacation, Part I

Our flight arrived in muggy Austin last night at about 11 p.m. and by the time we got the car packed we were covered in sweat for the first time in almost a week. Home sweet home.

We had an amazing time. One that I feel is best expressed through pictures.


We were more than nervous about how Bryce would handle flying but as he does with most challenges, he smiled and charmed his way through without a hitch. There were tons of babies and little people on this flight, many of them cried some or most of the flight, but Bryce just took these cute pictures.

On our first day out and about we visited Estes Park, which was beautiful and charming.

Caleb enjoyed trying on all of the hats and posing for funny pictures while I found the cutest little "flapjacks" for Bryce. Once I've gotten them washed I'll post a picture of him in them and until then I'll just let your mind wander.

The next day we drove out to Beaver Creek but made a day trip of Mt. Evans, the highest continuous road in the United States. The top five miles are already closed but we drove as high as we could, up to Summit Lake which was one of the scariest and most beautiful places I've ever been.

It was really cold up there but we bundled up and took a walk along the lake, as you can see we all three really enjoyed it!

The view from the top was incredible!

Check back tomorrow for Colorado, Part II

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