Tuesday, April 6

This Gig Ain't Easy

You can try to imagine and head the warnings of those that have travelled this way before,
but you still won't be close to understanding how tough this gig is.

Being a parent may very well be the most rewarding job I've ever had,
but it too is the most challenging.

The hours are long.
The struggles are hard.
Sometimes you feel like you're carrying the weight of the team.
The consequences are unimaginable and you often wake suddenly in the middle of the night, startled at their enormity.

But a mere thirty seconds spent in a dim, sweet nursery
rocking that precious, sleeping piece of you
makes it all seem small and petty.

What could be better?

No matter what has come before this moment,
no matter what is to come in the future -
so unknown, so scary, so intimidating -
it is all worth it.

A million times over.


  1. Absolutley, well said!


  2. Beautifully said, and it continues all of our precious children's life. Thank you for letting me love on precious Bryce all day Sat. Love MIL

  3. Very true. Each moment we hold them is a blessing. They continue to be blessings just as you are to us. We love you Katrina and Bryce.


    Aunt Gene

  4. As always, beautifully written!


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