Friday, April 9


This is Bryce just after we finally got home last night. Notice how his feet are a little blurry - that's because he's a happy boy and they never stop kicking.

Bryce's world has definitely opened up and he really seems to be loving it. He is using both of his hands more (already) and you can see him quickly focus on things in front of him instead of endlessly searching back and forth for them.

When we walked in yesterday Caleb was standing and I set Bryce, in his car seat, down on the floor. He looked right up at Caleb and smiled the sweetest smile.

His occupational therapist was so impressed this morning though not surprised by how much of a difference the glasses have made. That was really nice.

But of course, now he's figuring out how to get them down from his eyes and into his mouth so that'll be our next challenge. We say, bring it on!


  1. He is SOOOO CUTE in his new glasses! I'm so happy that the glasses have made an improvement!

  2. Too stinkin' cute! Love you Brycey Boo!


  3. Awesome! (And if you figure out a trick to getting him to keep his glasses on, let me know.)

  4. You are such a handsome guy.

    Aunt Gene

  5. Those are perhaps the cutest glasses I have ever seen!! Glad they are helping already!!


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