Monday, November 30


Bryce had his last visit with the Retina Specialist today following his ROP eye surgery. We are very happy to have that behind us! So happy we're hanging out on the couch together waiting for Daddy to come home.

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  1. That's great news!! Aren't Bumbos fantastic?!


  2. Happy Day to Bryce!!! Finished with the eye doctor. He looks so laid-back, chilling in his bumbo.
    Your family photo was wonderful, I'm so glad your starting to have a normal family life.
    Thanks for the photos and updates.
    Merry Christmas,
    The Pulley's

  3. Great Job! Wish we were done with eye doctors....Blake must love seeing his Opthamologist because he keeps taking out his contacts and loosing money down the drain! We are so HAPPY to see he is doing so well! Yeah Bryce!!! Your first Christmas is coming up in a couple weeks and I bet you are going to get SOOOO Spoiled!


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