Wednesday, October 14

Surgery today at 4 pm

Bryce having ROP surgery on both eyes today, has to be reintubated because procedure is very painful and he'll need general anesthesia. I'm having a particularly hard because I thought we were done with these things: surgery, IV's, intubation, etc. Caleb is at work so it's just the two of us and I just want to hold onto him as tightly as I can until they have to take him from me.

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  1. Bless you hearts. I don't know what ROP surgery is, other than painful for both of you, but Bryce is "Super Baby" and will pull through this fine. He's much stronger than he was during past surgeries and will pull through this amazing. Stay strong, and leave it in god's hands. Hopefully, someone will be able to come give you moral support will you agonize through the surgery.
    We will being praying for both of you.
    All our love and prayers,
    Jackie Pulley and Family

  2. many prayers to your sweet boy

  3. Just remember this is another bump... better to get them out now. He will be fine. Besides he must be getting bored not causing all that trouble and getting all those nurses attention. Heh hum! He is going to be a handful... wonder where he got some of that from.

    I love you!!!

  4. prayers for you and baby Bryce!

  5. Best wishes and prayers always!

  6. My thoughts and prayers are with you. We all love you Trina. Bryce we love you and know you will stay strong.

    Love, Gene, Lolo, Tim

  7. i just now saw this and I'm glad the surgery is over. Jacks eyes were swollen for a few days after the surgery but it was a fairly quick recovery.
    I'm so sorry because I know the feeling of having to have him intubated again, it was the same situation for us, about 4 weeks after he had come off the vent he needed ROP surgery. Just know that Bryce's lungs are in a WAY better place then when he was intubated before and I will pray he comes off the vent super super quick!!!!!


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