Tuesday, October 13

A New Plan

Bryce and I have a new plan for learning to breastfeed - together! We're very excited about it, well at least I am and Bryce seems to be.

Instead of trying to feed Bryce from a bottle every other feeding and let him breastfeed up to two times per day (our old plan) he now gets to exclusively breastfeed up to five times per day. His other three plus feedings will still be gavaged (given through a tube direct to his stomach) to allow him to continue to build his strength and endurance.

We're very happy about this plan because it allows us the opportunity to go home exclusively breastfeeding, which was our desire all along. Bryce is also much better at breastfeeding than taking his feeds from a bottle and it allows us some more special bonding time.

Additionally, with the new plan Bryce is allowed to give us feeding cues as to when he's hungry. This means no more waking him up from a dead sleep to try to feed him just because it's been exactly three hours since his last feed. He can now eat every two hours or go as much as four hours between feeds if that's what he wants. I prefer this as it seems much more natural.

The down side of this new equation is I can't be far from the hospital - as if I ever am. But now I need to be available to him anytime he's hungry, which can be anytime. I don't mind much though because I know it's what's best for him and sleep is over rated anyway, right!?


  1. I was a huge fan of on demand feeding. I loved the natural feel to it and I knew I was never waking a sleeping kid. Good for you guys!!!

  2. wow that is amazing! Jack never took to breastfeeding but honestly the hospital didn't really push for it and I was not thinking clearly enough to push for it so he is just bottle fed. I'm SO glad you are getting to do this. Way to go Bryce!!

  3. The new plan sounds great! I'm really happy that y'all get to try something new. Less fortified and more mommy!! Grow Bryce, Grow!


  4. I always thought waking a sleeping baby was strange, so yay on the new plan! :o)


  5. This will be so much better! It will be hard not to be able to leave, but that's one of the fun parts of motherhood. Soon he'll be rooting around, pulling on your shirt, and doing other inappropriate things to let you know he's hungry! :)
    This is awesome. So much progress with that little guy! Amazing!



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