Friday, August 7

CPAP Attempt Numero Dos

A little out of the blue this morning the docs decided to give Bryce another try at CPAP. It was just two days ago they were saying the plan was for next week. I rushed over just in time to catch them trying to calm him down after all of the commotion. It's been non stop since then.

He's trying really hard and I don't want to jinx it but my feeling is that he's not quite ready. I hope I'm wrong and that he just needs to settle into it but his oxygen needs have been between 70 and 100% since extubation, and he's still only saturating his body with between 80 and 90% oxygen. He's also had a couple of serious desats (59% to 69%) that he's taken a long time to come back from.

Feeds went up again today and so far he seems to be tolerating that very well. But he was supposed to eat at noon and didn't due to his still being so upset. If they have to reintubate they don't want him to have a freshly full belly.

I'll update more as I know more.


  1. Going from one form of support to the other is such hard work! They usually have to go up on the O2 as well. Hopefully, he'll continue to settle down and hang in there with CPAP! It's such a HUGE step, especially after his recent surgery. Go Bryce go!!

  2. You can do it Bryce! The doctors present the opportunity and I know you'll take it and run when you're ready. I hope you've been able to settle down a little so you can get more of your mommy's milk. That's good stuff!! Hang in there sweetie. It gets easier.

  3. Trina,

    I am so sorry we have been out of touch. I finally got this old computer of Lolos to work. We will have to buy another computer for Andrea. Caleb, we are very sorry to hear about your brother and send our deepest sympathy. We will pray for all of you.
    We are happy that Bryce is getting stronger. He looks so different in the pictures. We hope to come visit again soon.
    Bryce, we love you.
    Aunt Gene Uncle Lolo, Andrea and Timothy

  4. I was just checkin in to see how little man is doing with his CPAP trial. I hope all is well. Praying for y'all everyday.


  5. Mommy and Daddy,

    I will get there. Just hang in there with me. I love you both so very much. xoxoxoxoxoxo



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