Wednesday, July 29

Quick Update

Hi Y'all! Baby Bryce is doing astoundingly well! He hit the landmark weight of 3 pounds (even) last night and is so far still tolerating his daily increasing feeds. He's up to 12 ml every 3 hours now, the most he's ever had.

Just like a normal little baby he sleeps a lot. He's usually awake for an hour in the morning and maybe an hour at night.

He follows our voices, looking for us when he hears us talking to him. His eyes get bigger and brighter every day it seems. And his hair continues to get longer and thicker, it's even beginning to show signs of a bit of a wave. Maybe he did get something from his momma?

Bryce has the biggest stretches, coupled with very dramatic yawns, for such a little guy and they will literally melt your heart!

We're hoping to get to put some preemie clothes on him tonight, too! I even left for a good little while today to search out something special for Bryce to wear for his first dressing. Have no fear - there will be pictures coming soon if we indeed do get to put some of his new, tiny little clothes on him.

Caleb's going to hold Bryce tonight though for sure. He needs some Bryce time more than ever right now, maybe even more than little Bryce needs his daddy time. Caleb's brother is very ill and it's a lot for Caleb to be dealing with. Your prayers for Caleb and his family would be greatly appreciated during this trying time for everyone.

I'll try my best to keep you all posted as things continue to develop for baby Bryce! Thanks for checking in with us!


  1. Hey Bryce,I knew when you heard about milk and cookies you would be excitied.Just thinking about them makes me gain weight.Must effect you the same way.Keep thinking about them and get some weight on you so you can work on getting some teeth so I can make you some.You can share with mommy and daddy.Give your daddy a special hug tonight.Tell him, he and mommy are always in my thoughts and prayers.I pray that you will keep growing and doing great.When I read such good news about you it fills my heart with joy.I will say an extra prayer for your uncle too.So you rest and grow and don't forget to poop.Good night little fella.God bless you and mommy and daddy.
    Hugs and prayers.
    Granny Spriggs

  2. So happy about Bryce! Still praying for him and will pray for Caleb's brother. Give Caleb a BIG hug from me!


  3. So glad to hear Bryce is doing SO well, can't wait to see pics in his special clothes!! Y'all are always in my prayers and I will add Caleb's brother to them as well.

  4. Great news about Bryce! Well worth the wait. I can't wait to see pictures of him in his new clothes. I know he is going to melt hearts. I hope he and Caleb have some very special time together tonight. I will definitly be praying for Caleb and his brother. Love you all!

    Mary and Jeff

  5. I hope you found the perfect little outfit to put on Bryce's cute little bod. I have some clothes for him as well. Let me know when you want me to drop them off.

    I know we spoke about Shane being sick before. I guess I didn't realize how bad it was. I will include him and the family in my prayers from now on. Give Caleb a big hug for me! I hope his time with Bryce will warm his heart in the way he needs. Bryce is a miracle. He is able to help his daddy through a trying time. It's amazing what a little one can do to soothe your soul.

    All my love,


  6. I bet Bryce's first outfit will be perfect! I can't wait to see the adorable new pictures! I continue to think of and pray for you daily. I will add Caleb's brother into my prayers as well. I hope that some Bryce and Daddy time comforts him. Wonder if he'll break your record? :-D


  7. I can't wait to see Bryce in his special little outfit. I bet you're super excited. So sorry to hear about Caleb's brother, we will defintely keep him in our prayers.

    Love you all,
    Weslea and Brian

  8. Here is a website that I found after the fact Blake came home. I gave it to a friend for her baby who was 1 lb 2 oz.
    They carry micro-preemie stuff. I got Blake's clothes from Once Upon A Child on 183. It has to be the cleanest and nicest resale shop I have ever seen. I rarely ever found anything that looked really used. There were so many things with new tags on them. But their preemie stuff had been shrunk so it worked really well for Blake's small size. You will laugh the first time you put clothes on Bryce because they will just swallow him whole. It is so adorable to see. Take a bunch of pics. Are they swaddling yet? I can't remember the weight he has to be but he might already be at it. We had to have Blake swaddled bc he would pull his tubes out daily even by the time he reached his 2 lb mark. It is very comforting to them too.

    So sorry to hear about Caleb's brother. We will keep him and your family in our prayers.

  9. Sorry the name of the online store is The Preemie Store


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