Monday, July 27

Monday Rounds

We just finished up rounds and everything appears to be going just as well as it possibly could be.

Bryce is 50 days old today and weighing in at a whopping 1290 grams (2 pounds and 13.5 ounces).

They are upping his feeds today to 8 ml every 3 hours, as well as increasing his proteins, fats and caffeine to try to get his weight and strength up for another try at extubation late in the week.

Hopefully he will continue to tolerate his feeds though we were nervous that they would go up on the frequency to every 3 hours today. That is when he stopped tolerating them last time and they had to stop feeding him all together for a few days. BUT the big difference is that he is now - finally - having real stools. He's been pooping for about a week or so now, but those were all still meconium. Saturday he had his first bowel movement that was obviously milk passing all the way through his little belly. And he's been steadily going ever since.

Also on Saturday, while Abuelita was babysitting and Bryce was still extubated my mom thinks she heard baby Bryce cry for the first time. I wasn't here, unfortunately, so I can't attest to it but she is sure she knows what she heard. Maybe this weekend we'll get to hear him for ourselves, though of course we hope he has no reason to cry.

Caleb and I did get to go home again on Friday and it was so nice to see our furry children, but especially to sleep in our own bed! Our bed at home is like an island unto itself compared to the bed at the Ronald McDonald house. Though we are so grateful to have a bed so close to Bryce available, otherwise I might be sleeping in my car in the hospital parking lot.

We're going to do our best to make Friday nights our night at home. But you know what they say about the best laid plans. We should know better than to try to plan anything anymore.

While we were home on Saturday the painter came by to lay the groundwork for Bryce's nursery. Caleb and I had installed the laminate flooring and put up the crown molding for his dimmer rope lights but that is as far as we had gotten before he made his surprise appearance.

So my mom, aka Abuelita, had a painter come paint the walls and ceiling a beautiful, baby-safe blue. He also repainted the door and trim a fresh, clean white. It's a small start but it looks great already. Next will be the green hills on all three walls (one wall is all closet) and then come the Seuss characters. I'll keep everyone posted as the nursery progresses. I'm so excited to see it all ready for him to come home to!

We've been here seven weeks now and can't help but wonder if we're almost half way there? We know better than to get our hopes too high but the day we drive Bryce home, in the slow lane with all the crazy Austin drivers honking and passing us by, will be the best and second scariest day of our lives!


  1. I am so happy to see that our little man Bryce is beginning to do what little boys do best.Pooping in his pants.Way to go Bryce! I'm so glad to finally see how much he weighs now.Maybe he can go see his furry buddies and his own room when he gets to five or six pounds.I can hardly wait.Soon as he gets old enough and gets some teeth I'm going to make him some cookies to have with milk.Little boys like cookies.I sometimes feel like I have got me a new great grand child.Bryce,think your family would share you?Trina thanks for keeping us up dated.Hugs and prayers.
    Granny Spriggs

  2. Just think, 2.5 more ounces and he will be a whole 3 lbs. It's a landmark number! It is crazy to think that they can cry when intubated but they can and the first time you hear him do it, your heart will melt. I can't tell you how many times I wanted to reach in pull Blake out of his incubator to help calm his cries. It is the sweetest sound to know that he is able to express himself. You will want to hear him cry just to know he is making noise....until he is a year old...crying bc he wants his way and then you wish he didn't know how to cry lol.

    Ronald McDonald house is such a blessing but girl I so understand the bed issue. When you first get there you are like aweomse they are the number beds that I can change how soft and hard they are....after 1 week you want your comfy bed back lol. I know I did and after sleeping on it for 125 days..I completely understand you wanting to go home to your bed for a night. Tell Gino that I said hi and get one of his big hugs from him. The staff there is the best and is always willing to help in anyway needed. Always, Janna Robert & Blake Pokluda

  3. Almost 3 pounds! That's awesome! I hope Bryce is feeling as great as he sounds. His room sounds precious. He is going to love it. Keep up the pooping sweet Bryce!


  4. way to go on the weight gaining bryce! I'm glad things are calm and going ok. I was so excited to tell Jack that Bryce was on CPAP, I'm sorry he had to go back on the vent but I'm sure they told you that those 26 hours off really helped his lungs. I know we don't know you, but we think of you and pray for you often, having just walked this similar road my heart breaks for you with the "downs" and soars with the "ups" - keep the "ups" coming Bryce!
    Tricia Fanning
    PS what a cute nursery theme!

  5. Praying for you daily, Katrina (& family). I too know about the overwhelming nights in the Ronald McDonald House, although we were 1200 miles from home. What a blessing for you to be so close to home and be surrounded by family and friends and capable doctors. We would love to come by Dell and visit, if we can. We come to Dell 3X's a week but will be flying out to an elite doctor in Columbus, Ohio in 2 weeks for our 7-year-old, Ty. Let us know. So glad the NEC scare has passed. Although our baby is older, the feeds being bumped up are always scary. I will pray that Bryce tolerates the rate and the volume and continues to utilize it for God's glory. Looking forward to your updates!
    Hugs & Prayers,
    Shannon Meyer Dahlstrom

  6. I absolutely believe your mom knows what she heard. I hate to hear that he was upset and cried, but at the same time I'm glad. His first cry. I never thought I'd say this...ever, but way to poop sweet baby boy! Here we go mommy and daddy, you are well on your way to some stinky diapers. HOORAY! Another milestone! Bryce is a little champ! Go baby go! All my love!


  7. Mommy, Daddy & Abuelita,

    Thank you for getting my room ready. I am working on it very hard to get there. I can't wait to see it.

    I love you all,



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