Thursday, July 9

Another Day, Another Bumpy Start

Bryce had a bumpy start to yesterday but a truly awesome afternoon. Unfortunately, after we settled him back in last night and headed back to the RM house for some rest he did not continue to do so well. He stopped urinating again and although his oxygenation of his lungs was still dramatically better than in the several days past his CO2 levels began to rise and he became very acidic.

You know it's not good when the nurse practitioner calls you at 3:30 a.m. (an hour an a half after I had finally gone to sleep). Caleb called back after a blood gas test to follow up at 4:15 a.m. and received more gloomy results. Then at 4:45 a.m. the Dr. called me to say that things were still not looking up and that he had ordered hydrocortisone (a steroid) to try to get things moving in a more positive direction. The good news is that this demonstrates what awesome and capable hands Bryce is in throughout the night. It doesn't warrant much sleep for a worried mom and dad but it offers the ability to worry a little less.

The trend continues this morning. Bryce's oxygenation is great, a real turn around. But his kidneys appear to truly be showing the effect of weeks of mulitple antibiotics, all broken down in the kidneys. He still hasn't really had any urine output but we have finally gotten his blood pressure back up to where we like it, quite likely as a result of the hydrocortisone kicking in.

So right now Bryce is having an ultrasound of his heart to double check there isn't something there causing his trending lower blood pressures over the last 12 to 24 hours. While at it they're also going to ultrasound his kidneys to double check that there isn't some un thought of reason that they have stopped working. Later today Bryce will have a follow up head ultrasound to ensure that his shunt is still doing it's job of diverting his excess cerebral spinal fluid. As well as to make sure there are no new brain bleeds or swelling of the ventricles.

Our main concern today will certainly be keeping his blood pressures up and getting some wet diapers. Kathleen, our very favorite NNP (neonatal nurse practioner), is back for just one day. And if the sun shines on us just right maybe she can place a new arterial line in Bryce so that they can read constant blood pressures and draw blood for blood gas tests without having to stick his poor little, swollen feet ten times a day.

It looks like God has answered our prayers to help Bryce oxygenate his blood so now we just have to ask for another favor - or two.

God, please help Bryce's little kidneys heal and do their work. They have been working so hard for so long now and they just need a little help. And God? Can we also ask you to heal Bryce's lungs so that he can blow off that excess CO2, we'd really appreciate this so he isn't so sleepy and can open his eyes and look around for us again soon. Thank you Lord for all that you do. Amen.


  1. Mrs. Mega-OpinionThu Jul 09, 10:59:00 AM

    He wants his momma! Just like they said... if they could keep you 2 like that for as long as he needs! Gotta get that baby some smelly of you in his isolette!

  2. I am amazed, constantly, at how upbeat you seem. Even through a blogpost. Your attitude makes all the difference. I am sure you are a wreck inside, but that stiff upper lip doesn't hurt.

  3. Hey Trina!!
    I love ya so much, and caleb and bryce too oh so much!! i think about all of you all of the time and pray more then you know!!
    Things will be okay.
    God id love, and love is real! Oh how I wish I had that magic drop of medicine, to make Bryce healthy as ever, or a magic wand that would take away all of his pains and make him better!! I wish that everyday.
    See you tomorrow.
    Love always your alost sister,

  4. Bryce,
    Even though you are small you have so much love to give and so many who love you. We pray that the medicine makes you feel better and your kidneys heal. You have awesome parents who love you. Remember how it feels to be held by your mom. Stay strong,Bryce, We love you. Gene

  5. Dear God,Please give this sweet little family some relief.I ask that you to please give little Bryce the strength to keep fighting for life and to take away any pain that goes with it.Help his sweet parents find peace and comfort knowing that you are in control.Please heal this baby so he can feel the love he has started with his birth.Please hear the prayers for this baby boy. And give us a sign that you are listening.God I know you are there.Amen

  6. You need to sleep with a blanket against your chest and then take it and put it in his isolette. That is what our NICU doctors had me do for my tiwns. I am praying hard. Our God is great and he performs miracles daily. Hang in there.

  7. Bryce,
    I'm so proud of you baby boy! Keep up the good work!

    Katrina and Caleb,
    Keep up the positive attitude and giving all the love you can.

    Dear God,
    Thank you for all that you have already given. Especially for blessing my friends with a beautiful little boy. If you wouldn't mind, could you help Katrina with the last few request? Help his little body heal. Thank you so much. Amen.

  8. Bryce,
    With prayer and God all things are possible.
    Love You each and ever moment.


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