Monday, June 2

We Made It!

What a whirlwind these last three days have been!

We were up at 5 a.m. on Saturday morning and didn't get to the hotel until 5 p.m.  But all in all, we had a fairly uneventful trip.  Bryce was the absolute model passenger on both flights.  Mostly he made friends with the people within view of him, slept and snacked.  I couldn't have hoped he would be any better.  Truly.

Gage was, well Gage.  He also made lots of friends but sitting still is not his forte.  I was glad to have his car seat so I could 5-point harness him to his seat but unfortunately that made him close enough to the seat in front of him to kick said seat.  I apologized profusely and tried incessantly to keep him occupied.  He did finally sleep for about an hour of our second flight, which was a welcome reprieve. 

We're finally all settled in to the Homewood Suites now and today was Bryce's first day back at the Conductive Learning Center.

I don't remember being this nervous or excited last year.  Maybe it's because Caleb was here with us for the trip and first couple of days last year.  Or maybe it's because I know now just how much is possible here.  Whatever it is, it's a lot to keep in check while managing the single mom gig.

But so far it's been a lot of fun getting some one-on-two time with the boys.  We've already visited a couple of our favorite places from last year and are looking forward to hitting up Oval Beach as soon as possible.

Bryce seemed to truly enjoy his first day back at CLC.  He was painting and showing off when we peeked in early for pick up this afternoon.  There are lots of new friends in his class and will likely be more next week when the official extended school year begins.

I got the opportunity to visit with the director this morning at drop off and was grateful for how excited she was to have Bryce back.  I can't wait to see what improvements he will make over the next four weeks.

I'll try my best to keep ya posted!

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