Tuesday, January 14

Hello 2014!

Wow, where did last year go? I don't know exactly but it's gone and I'm honestly excited for 2014 and what it has in store! A friend and I attended a Carrie Contey workshop on Sunday entitled Creating Your Best Year Yet. 

It was a great day of me time and got me totally psyched about the new year.  I've set several goals, created a new paradigm and listed the lessons I learned from 2013 to help me stay focused and positive in the new year.

One of my disappointments from last year was neglecting to write more and blog more.  Yes, yes they are the same.  But for me they are also different.  No matter though.  My point is, I'm back y'all!

So much stuff is going on in our lives that sometimes it's easy to let ourselves fall to the bottom of the totem pole.  Sharing our story, our struggles and our triumphs, here is cathartic to me.  It's the cheapest therapy there is.  And the community that rallies behind us never ceases to amaze me.  Of course, I've always held hope that my words might reach another family in need at just the right time.  That would make it all worth it.

But let's be realistic too.  The to-do list is long and always growing, we're just as busy as ever and all these kids (you say there's only two but sometimes it feels like there's 100 - trust me) need me.  So I'm vowing to update the blog once per week.  I'm so noncommittal (actually, I prefer to think of it as setting myself up for success in the New Year) that I won't even promise a certain day of the week.  But hey, baby steps, right?

One of my other goals for 2014 is getting Bryce back to the Conductive Learning Center's summer camp in Michigan this year.  The benefits were beyond my wildest hopes and I sincerely feel like he's doing so much more this year already - well, who knows how he'll benefit this summer?!  Excited? Me?  Just a whole heck of a lot!

With that being said, we've started our first couple of fundraisers already.  A dear friend is collecting gently used children's clothes and toys to sell at the Just Between Friends Consignment Sale in Georgetown in March.  We'll be getting together this Saturday to hang and tag items that are donated for sale.  And probably at least once more before March.  I'm eternally grateful to Michelle for coordinating this fundraiser!

Secondly, I'm doing a small fundraiser which actually helps satisfy two of my 2014 goals.  I'm raising money to get Bryce back to CLC by being creative: selling custom, handmade and personalized Valentines.  If you have a little one who could use some feel free to email me or Facebook me (see contact) for more information.

See you again next week and cheers to a wonderful 2014 for all of us!

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