Monday, February 4

Steady Progress


How awesomely blessed are we to have such an amazing group of friends, family and extended network!?  With your support and beyond generous donations to Bryce's fundraiser we've raised an astonishing $2,325!! That's quite nearly half of our total goal!
I honestly never dreamed we would be able to raise the money by our goal date in April but at this rate I think we just might get there.

Woo hoo - you guys are the bestest!! 

The Application Process

We've completed the application process and I spoke to the director of the Conductive Learning Center today.  She said that she had already reviewed Bryce's application and would be looking at his video this afternoon.  

We spent some time trying to capture what Bryce is currently capable of, based on the recommendations for the video assessment given by the center.  Not being absolutely sure what they were looking for was hard since I really just want them to accept him but I guess they have their methods.

Here's what we sent:

The director said that I should expect to hear back from her if I could only make it come a little quicker!

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  1. He's a star! I mean - how can they resist, just on cuteness alone. :) OK I know that's not a criteria, but he would be a shoo-in if it was. G2


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