Saturday, March 17

20 weeks, 5 days

It's odd how, as I close in on 21 weeks in the next couple of days, my foremost thought is that now there is hope.  Soon this baby could have a real chance at survival. The odds would be against it and the situation unmistakably awful, but it would have a chance.

Maybe it's because every day seems to bring with it a new sign of premature labor. It's probably just because I'm so acutely aware of the signs now but it makes me so glad for a weekly OB visit to look forward to. Even when they have put such a strain on our already packed schedule.

It seems as if a week is only as long as I can stay sane without a doctor assuring me that everything is okay.

So until Wednesday's weekly visit I think I'll just continue to force myself to take it easy and focus on planning a nursery. That way by the time this baby makes its appearance, in another few months, it will have a place to come right home to.



  1. And WOW won't that be a homecoming!!! TWO beautiful boys to keep you running, maybe that is three boys to keep you running!! What fun, I can hardly wait to be surrounded by all three and my beautiful DIL, also. Love the post!!!MIL

  2. I pray for you and that baby as well as Bryce all the time. I can only imagine how strange it feels for you to be leading up to that 24 week mark. I think I would be an emotional basket case. I pray you far surpass that 24 week mark and go well into a third trimester. I'll be praying that you get to bring your baby right home to a cute nursery.


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