Monday, April 9


Bryce had his second week of equine therapy last week and will have his third session tomorrow. My dad says that he only cried when his therapist walked away with him last week but seemed to be enjoying the rest. Especially how he can sign "go" and then Maggie, his horse, responds by going.

Over the last week it's become obvious that he enjoys it and understands what you're talking about when referring to it. If I ask him if he saw or will see Maggie he gets the biggest, most sincere grin on his face. And if you ask him if he rides a horse he moves his body like he's galloping in your arms. It's so cool to see how much he likes it.

I'm optimistic that it may some day give him the opportunity to engage in a sport whereas he otherwise likely wouldn't be able to. I played tennis competitively for many, many years and it was an important part of my identity growing up. I only hope some day he'll have something that he truly enjoys and can be a part of, the way tennis was for me.

Here are some pictures of Bryce's first session - you can see that he was pretty content when they were in motion but as soon as Maggie stood still, or apparently he heard my voice, he tried his best to cry his way out of it.

His therapist, Jennifer, is really good at not cutting him any slack - which he needs because he knows some people will "rescue" him from anything given a certain amount of bottom lip or a tear or two.  And everyone at Red Arena has been really sweet, understanding and patient with him.  I'm so grateful for this opportunity for Bryce!

Bryce doing a "ride by" - not happy.

This time the ride by doesn't stop - a little happier.

Bryce trying his best to get Jennifer to save him - she's not budging.

Safely back in Poppa's arms - happy as can be.

Up close with Maggie, saying thank you - she's a real sweetheart!


  1. Cool Bryce. That's what I always wanted -a horse. I am so glad you are getting to ride one. Maggie looks like a really nice horse. I would like to give you both a hug.

    Aunt Gene

  2. SO adorable! I'm so happy he is getting to do this! What a blessing for you all!

    Love y'all,

  3. That's awesome that he can sign "go" and Maggie responds. This seems like an awesome mode of therapy. I can't wait to hear more about it after he does more sessions.

  4. Very cool! I'm so glad you guys have this opportunity!

  5. Hippotherapy is great! I'm glad Bryce likes it.

  6. This is so exciting! I'm so glad Bryce is getting to ride a horse and communicate with her!! These pictures make my heart happy :) Can't wait to hear how he grows with each visit!



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