Monday, April 4

Another First!

Today Bryce finally found the proper motivation (trouble) to pull himself up.

Mind you we've only been working on this for about a year now. We've actually been coaching him for months on how to pull himself up onto the rail of his crib. We work on it daily, often many times a day.

He's always proud when he gets there but he rarely really does all of the necessary work. Don't get me wrong, it's not his fault. His right hand (aka "Righty") stays clenched into a tiny, fisted, balled up mess of fingers and tension whenever he's struggling to do something. It's pretty hard to pull up on things one handed.

But we've learned that if an object is far enough away that Bryce has to fully extend his arm to reach for it he's more able to get his right hand fully open and to then close it onto the object.

And today the stars all aligned in just the right way so that Bryce was able to leverage off the ottoman a little, the couch a little, reach way up to the top of Mommy's scrapbooking bin while pulling his knees up under him and then getting all the way to his feet all by himself.

And as if that weren't enough - his Occupational Therapist was here to see the whole thing. Because otherwise I'm pretty sure there would be some skeptics in the family.

It was an amazing, unbelievable sight. I small "step" for an average boy but a remarkable achievement for this extra special boy!

And I even had the opportunity to snap a couple of quick pictures:

And here he is already thinking about all the other things he can get into from "up here!"


  1. That's awesome, Katrina! YAY!


  2. YEA!!Bryce great job now all you need is more of your Mommy's stuff to get into

  3. Yay! So exciting! Love you guys, Lauren and Jeremy (and Logan)

  4. Wow! I'm so happy to hear that.

  5. Way to go Bryce. We are so proud of your hard work. Trina and Caleb are the best parents ever. Ok mom it is time to relocate all those breakable to a higher ground.
    Love you all,
    Laura R.

  6. Fantastic! That is a huge accomplishment.

    I understand but in a different realm. My son just started eating after a whole year of being only ng tube and g-tube fed. Same thing - We have been going to therapy and doing every thing imaginable to get him to eat, and then he finally did it. I don't think people understood what an amazing feat that was for him.

    I am so proud of Bryce because I understand how much hard work went into that accomplishment. Way to go Bryce!

  7. Woooo hooooo!!!! Hoooorayyy!! Way to go Brycey Boo!! Can't wait to hear about your next big step!

    Love you,
    Miss Mary


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