Monday, October 25

Help, Please!

Bryce has recently had the epiphany that his glasses are ever so conveniently omnipresent on his sweet little face. Which means anytime there is or isn't something else to chew on he may be inclined to swiftly reach up, pull down and insert said glasses into his mouth.

I know, it's cute ... the first time or twelve he does it before ...breakfast! But after that it's just a pain. They're not nearly as easy to pull up over his cute little nose and both ears to properly readjust for their actual purpose - seeing. And trust me, I know. I know because I do it countless times every single day.

And much to my disgrace yesterday I finally said a strong no with an ever so slight tap of the hand as he reached to pull them down. And he cried. And then I cried. And it wasn't pretty.

So what is a mom to do? How do you begin to say no to your child? Especially when they're ridiculously cute and sweet and pretty much perfect in every other way? I know, I know but I'm biased and rightfully so.

Anyone out there deal with the glasses issue with their little one? What's the trick? Please, please share!


  1. Jack went through this phase a while back..... as a result his glasses are all chewed up on the sides. :)
    we would gently tell him no and put them back on, he would get mad for a while but now he never takes them off and he will actually try and fix them himself or hold them up for me to put on in the morning! I think once he realized he could see better he stopped taking them off. I don't have any magic fix though sorry! But I'm sure all babies with glasses go through this, they are just curious and its something to play with that is ALWAYS accessible!!

  2. I have no words of advice except to say it is really hard to say no when whatever they are doing is so cute! That doesn't go away with age either - I find myself turning my back at funny, cute (yet annoying) things my 3 year old does!!

  3. I had a foster child that wore glasses from 6 months old, and basically it was just what you are doing. When he takes them off, say no and put them back on. After the 8 millionth time he will get it, LOL.


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