Thursday, September 16

Moving on...

We've seen Louisville and Boulder, visited Estes Park and Waterloo and so now we're on the road again. After breakfast we're heading to Mt. Evans, where we hope to see some amazing scenery and big horned goats, on our way to Beaver Creek.

We're excited to kick back at the resort in Beaver Creek/Vail, where "the streets are paved in gold," according to the Insolroll guys, before heading out to our cabin in the "wild West," of Kremmling.

Bryce had some trouble sleeping our first night on the road but he slept soundly through the night last night. He's not all that interested in the scenery but is of course eating up all the adoring attention of the many new friends we're making along the way!

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  1. that is one handsome boy OH thats my grandson
    Love You all
    Momma - lita


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