Monday, March 22

Finally Feeling Better

And lookin' pretty darn cute too!
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  1. Great pic!!!!

  2. I love that little patch of hair. He is so precious


  3. Great picture. I am glad you feel better, Bryce. We miss you. Aunt Gene

  4. He sooooo...handsome! XOXO

  5. Dear Katrina and Caleb,

    I just looked back to some of the first blogs and pics of Bryce. I'm literally sitting here in tears because I'm amazed at how far Bryce has come. Reading about all the decisions you had to make and how hard they were at the time. I just want to say job well done. ALL OF YOU! You all had a way of keeping one another going when times got rough. There was only so much our support could do. You guys found that greater strength within and I'm just really proud of you.

    Your family will always have a bond like no other and I think it's a beautiful thing.

    All my love,



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