Monday, September 28

What a Wonderful World

Life in the NICU has suddenly taken a dramatic turn for the better and we couldn't be happier!

As always, I'm too cautiously optimistic for any one's good but I've been burned too many times to be any other way.

And still, I find myself feeling like, well, "Self, this is what it's supposed to be like...more or less."

Bryce is doing so fabulously it seems like an awesome dream I'll wake up from any second. In much the same way I bolted awake every hour on the hour all night last night to panic and double check that the light in his room wasn't on, that there wasn't a room full of people reintubating Bryce while I slept.

The docs were so impressed with Bryce this morning that they decided to go down from 6 liters to 4 liters per hour of high flow nasal cannula. He didn't skip a beat.

Oh and we had a meet in greet with the boob. That was interesting. Not really anything in the world that can prepare you for that.

Of course, he either screamed his head off (BECAUSE HE CAN DO THAT NOW!!) or slept soundly despite all the nudging and tickling in the world.

We'll try again tonight and then again tomorrow with the lactation consultant.

In the words of the wise G2, "I hope Bryce is a breast man."


  1. oh my GOSH this makes me SO happy. You have waited for this day for so long and I'm so glad it is finally here.
    Way to go on coming down to 4 liters on high flow! That is a BIG jump, you are a champ Bryce!
    I'm sure his cry is probably still horse but I remember thinking it was the most beautiful sound in the world to finally hear a noise from that tiny little person.
    HAVE FUN!!!!

  2. prayers are still with your family. so glad he is doing so well

  3. What a great day! I'm so happy that he is doing so well!

  4. How amazing, I bet it's just wonderful to hear his voice!! Good luck with the nursing!!

  5. Just don't forget, neither of you have done this before. You are both figuring it out. It will all work out fine, I am sure!!

  6. That is so great. Keep it up Bryce!


  7. this is awesome news, go Bryce!

  8. OMGosh!! This is the best news ever. I am so over excited for you I can't help but cry and laugh all at the same time! Your baby boy is amazing! I hope the next meet and great goes well. Practice makes perfect. I know you and Bryce will get the hang of things. When he wants something, he gets it :) We love you guys!

    Mary, Jeff and Adalyn

  9. Oh, how wonderful! There's nothing like the feeling of holding your son close and watching his peaceful face as he nurses. Enjoy every second! I'm so glad to hear he is doing so well. May God continue to bless you and Bryce with daily progress.

  10. So happy he is doing well! I've been blog stalking for a while and just thought I'd take a look and see if he was doing better :D Glad I checked it out and can share in your joy. God Bless


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