Thursday, November 5

Home Sweet Home

Bryce won't sleep laying down by himself but he'll quite happily sleep sitting in his Bumbo...
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  1. that is the cutest thing!! I love how babies seem to sleep so comfortably in the positions we look at and say Ow!

  2. He has a crib, a baby bed, a co-sleeper, several adults with big laps, any number of pillows, blankets, furniture...and look what he does! Well it's pretty cute.
    xxx, G2

  3. Reminds me of a cat. They will sleep in strange positions. We love this picture!

    Gene, Lolo and Timothy

  4. He's SO cute! I just want to squeeze him.

  5. LOL... too cute!!!!!


  6. my daughter loved sleeping in her swing, maybe give it a try :) we had the kind that plugged into the wall so we weren't tearing through batteries

  7. You don't know me. I am a friend of a friend, in so many words. I have been following your blog for a few months now, and have been moved by everything you, Caleb and Bryce have endured. I have become heavily involved in Bryce's condition, and I am thrilled to hear the latest news about the next part of your journey as you take Bryce home.

    I am reaching out to you personally for a specific reason:

    I am a last year journalism major at George Mason University, in Fairfax VA. For my online journalism class, we are required to cover a feature story (i.e. a multimedia, non-linear story to which I have three weeks to dedicate myself). I prefer to write about something that moves me. I prefer to write about something (or someone) that needs attention.

    I have decided to research and write about NICU units- namely the first-hand experiences of those who have been or are affiliated with NICU.

    Would you, or you husband, be willing to speak with me (via email, phone, etc)? I would like to incorporate your experience(s) into my story... in essence, making it your story.

    If this is not something that you feel comfortable with, I completely understand. Privacy is a valuable commodity, especially nowadays. Additionally, if you simply do not have the time, I would understand that as well. I am sure your hands (and your heart) (and your brainspace) are full.

    Should you be interested, you can contact me through the following means:

    1.) Facebook
    2.) Personal Email:
    3.) Work/School Email:
    4.) Cell phone: 703-424-3148.

    Again, I have been truly inspired by your strength. I am super happy for Bryce, and for you and your husband.

    I hope to talk with you soon.

    All my best:


  8. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is a cutie!!

  9. I'm so glad your precious little boy is home! Congratulations!

  10. too cute! I was so excited to see Bryce last weekend, thanks for letting me!


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