Sunday, October 4


Bryce is making steady progress on both his feeds and breathing.

He is now breastfeeding several times a day and taking a bottle as well. He took about 3/4th of his 11 pm feed from a bottle for Caleb last night - and also gained significant weight over the last couple of nights.

We are so proud of him and are starting to let ourselves get excited about the prospect of taking him home soon (soon = maybe a month or so)! It's a very real possibility as long as his shunt continues to work and he keeps up the good work.

More coming soon...

XOXO ~the moline fam

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  1. Congratulations Bryce. You are doing so well. I hope I get better soon so I can visit with you. Keep growing. I love you.

    Aunt Gene

  2. I am so thankful that all of our prayers are being answered, and that precious baby is doing good. You and Caleb are excellent parents and I am so proud of you sweetie. I cannot wait to come see that little man of yours.

    Love Debbie Reed

  3. oh my gosh Bryce is such a little miracle!! How wonderful that he is getting to enjoy breastfeeding and his bottle, what an amazing gift!!! SO excited for you guys that the end is FINALLY coming into sight!!

  4. Such great news, so happy for you all.


  5. What a miracle and testimony to God's love, power and grace to watch the video and hear all of the good news. Our family will continue to pray for al of you. Congratulations on all of the progress ALL of you have made.
    Much Love,
    Shannon, Scott, Ty & Dakota Dahlstrom

  6. Fabulous news!!!! So happy for you all!!! Keep it up Little Bryce :)

    -The B-sau's


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