Saturday, September 26

Change of Plans

There's been a change of plans and this time not due to Bryce - imagine that!

Bryce's planned extubation has been moved from Monday to tomorrow, early afternoon. He'll be getting his first dose of steroids this afternoon and until extubation. Following extubation another 24 hours of steroids is planned.

I'm scared to put this in writing but I feel good about this time. I've seen him breathe with nothing but a little extra oxygen and his tube stinting his airway open. Plus the ENT surgeon make two small incisions on Tuesday to help his airway open a little more. His oxygen and vent setting needs are as low as they've ever been.

And let's not forget - he is full term now!

Hard to believe I'm supposed to still be pregnant (well, maybe) but I have to say it's hard not to feel lucky that I get to hold him everyday. That I already know his personality. That he already knows us.

Wish us luck tomorrow and we'll keep ya posted!

Happy Due Date today, baby Bryce! You've changed our lives so completely but we wouldn't trade it for anything!


  1. Bryce,

    What a handsome boy you are. You will do well tomorrowI know. I cant wait until you are healthy enough to visit me. I pray for that every day. You are such a strong boy and we cant wait to see you. Love,
    Aunt Gene

  2. Happy Due Date Baby Bryce!! I hope tomorrow goes fantastically for everyone! Good luck!

  3. God Bless you tomorrow! Wouldn't that be something if he was breathing on his own on the day he was supposed to be born? Wow!! We'll be praying for you as always! God Bless!
    The McClellands

  4. Bryce will have a very special prayer from us tomorrow. So glad to see he is doing much better. Such a long way and it goes by so fast. Next year you will have so much more memories and all this will be far and few between that you remember. We are coming back to town in two weeks for our NICU reunion and if you are up for it would love to meet you at the RMHC if you would like or Dell. I know how busy it is during this time so if not that is ok. My email is Just let me know. Wishing you all the very best tomorrow.
    Best wishes from Houston
    Janna, Robert and Blake Pokluda


  5. Thinking about you all and praying for the best!!


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